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    赛事介绍 Event Introduction


    Note: This event is ONLY available for the Invited Athletes.


    一、比赛时间和地点 / A. Time and Venue



    Time: Dec, 2018

    Venue: Salween River, Nujiang of the Lisu Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province


    二、比赛项目 /B. Events

    比赛项目 / Events
    单人男子皮艇 / MK1
    单人女子皮艇 / WK1
    单人男子划艇 / MC1
    单人女子划艇 / WC1


    三、竞赛办法 / C. Competition Rules

    (一)竞赛规则 / 1. Regulations

    1.1 比赛执行中国皮划艇协会采用的最新版《国际皮划艇联合会-皮划艇马拉松竞赛规则》和本规程的相关规定及有关补充规定。

    1.2 各项目均以完成比赛的时间排定名次,用时短者名次列前。

    1.3 为保证安全,在遇到恶劣气候或突发事件时,主办单位经与裁判长协商后,可采取缩短距离或取消比赛等应急措施。

    1.4 考虑到比赛进程和参赛运动员的健康因素,对明显落后运动员,裁判长有权令其停止比赛。

    1.5 比赛中的抗议和申诉程序按竞赛规则执行,抗议和申诉费均为500元人民币,申诉成功后,申诉费退回。

    1.6 所有参赛运动员、裁判员和工作人员由组委会统一购买比赛期间人身意外保险。

    1.7 裁判长的判罚为最终裁定。

    1.8 具体规则,详见赛前技术会通知。


    1.1 The Latest International Canoe Federation Competition Rules, relevant terms, and supplements will be applied according to the Chinese Canoeing Association.

    1.2 The ranking is based on the shortest time of a single event. 

    1.3 In case of bad weather or unexpected situation, the emergency act or reducing the distance of the competition can be applied after consulting between the Organizer and the Chief Referee. 

    1.4 For those athletes, who are far behind of others and most unlikely to finish the competition, can be called off by the Chief Referee. 

    1.5 The protests and appeals within the competition are carried out according to the competition rules. The protest and appeal fee are RMB 500. If the appeal is successful, the fee can be refunded.

    1.6 During the competition period, all athletes, referees, and staff members will be covered with Personal Accident Injury Insurance by the Organizing Committee (OC). 

    1.7 The final call of the Chief Referee rules all.

    1.8 For any further information, please follow up with the Technical Meeting.


    (二)器材和服装 / 2. Equipment and Clothing

    2.1 比赛器材由组委会统一提供比赛用艇。各参赛运动员和团队须自带桨、救生衣、头盔参赛,规格需符合国际皮划艇联合会竞赛规则要求。

    2.2 赛前组委会提供船艇租赁服务供运动员熟悉场地,每天每条艇100元,租借时需缴纳押金1000元。

    2.3 组委会提供电子芯片计时服务,每名运动员需缴纳100元计时芯片押金。

    2.4 租借费用及押金均只收取现金,完好归还器材后现金退还押金。

    2.5 各参赛运动员自行准备比赛服装和领奖服装。


    2.1 During the competition, the Organizing Committee provides the boats for all athletes for free. All athletes must bring their own paddles, life vests, and helmets, which comply with ICF competition rules.

    2.2 Training before the competition, the Boat Rental Service is available for participating athletes. Each boat is RMB 100/Day and the Cash Deposit is RMB 1000. 

    2.3 The Organizing Committee provides the Electronic Timing Chip for the participating athletes. The Cash Deposit RMB 100 is required for every participating athlete. 

    2.4 All cash deposit is CASH ONLY. When the boat and electronic timing chip are well returned, the cash deposit will be refunded. 

    2.5 All athletes are responsible for preparing their own uniform for the competition and award.


    四、其他 / D. Others


    Any further notice will be annouced seperately on "Shangyong Offcial Web" and "Shangyong Wechat Account". 


    The Organizing Committee reserves the right to explain any of this competition rules.

    报名资格 Qualifications

    参赛对象 /  Athletes


    Professional Canoeing athletes from Mainland China, Hong Kong China, Macao China, Chinese Taipei, and Foreign Countries.


    (1) 参赛运动员年龄在18周岁以上—50周岁以下(1968年11月18日以后出生至2000年11月18日以前出生)。

    (2) 参赛运动员必须身体健康并具备专业水上运动的技能,如皮艇或划艇。

    (3) 运动员必须持有有效身份证件(身份证、护照)方可报名参赛。

    (4) 有下列疾病者不能参加比赛:

    • 先天性心脏病和风湿性心脏病患者
    • 高血压和脑血管疾病患者
    • 心肌炎和其他心脏病患者
    • 冠状动脉病患者和严重心律不齐者
    • 血糖过高或过低的糖尿病患者
    • 有癫痫病史者
    • 其它不适合运动的疾病患者


    (1) Age: greater than or equal to 18 years old and less than or equal to 50 years old. (Athletes who are born after Nov 18, 1968 or Athletes who are born before Nov 18, 2000)

    (2) The participating athletes must be healthy and have the professional skills in watersports, like Kayaking and canoeing.

    (3) Valid ID or Passport.

    (4) Athletes with the dieases below can not particiapte:

    • congenital heart disease and rheumatic heart disease
    • hypertension and cerebrovascular diease
    • myocarditis and other heart disease
    • coronary artery disease and severe arrhythmia
    • Diabetes
    • Epilepsy
    • other dieases that could help prevent athletes from performing